Business and Commercial Grants

Façade Improvement and Commercial Property Matching Grants

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to improve and revitalize the physical condition of commercial properties and to strengthen businesses in the Central neighborhood of Minneapolis. A property address can qualify for matching grants of up to $5,000 for exterior and up to $10,000 for interior improvement projects. Matching grants must be met dollar for dollar by the applicant.

Some properties in the Central neighborhood may also qualify for Great Streets Façade Improvement matching grant funds; see grant application packet for more information.

Project Area: Commercial boundaries in the Central neighborhood (Lake Street to 38th Street and 35W to Chicago Avenue) and its immediate boundaries. .

Eligible Uses: Exterior projects may include paint, signage, awnings, windows, doors, exterior lighting, landscaping and structural improvements to facades of the building visible from the public streets and sidewalks.

Interior projects may include asbestos abatement, lead abatement, fire prevention requirements, ADA requirements, energy efficiency improvements, HVAC improvements, plumbing improvements, electrical repairs and upgrades, structural repairs and improvements (including roofing).

Any improvement made must stay with the building should the tenant vacate or the building be sold.

Contact CANDO Organizer Eduardo Cardenas for more information:


Great Streets Façade Improvement Grants

Purpose: The City of Minneapolis’ Façade Improvement Matching Grant Program works to revitalize and sustain the economic vitality of the city’s commercial districts through public/private investments in façade projects for commercial properties. More info can be found about the city-wide program at the link above.

Project Area: The eligible business districts covered by the Central Area Neighborhood (CANDO) include the following areas. The corresponding grant match ratio and maximum grant amount are also shown (see “How much are the matching grants?” below).

38th St E & 4th Ave S 1:1 / $7,500

35th St E & Bloomington Ave S 1:1 / $5,000

38th St E & Bloomington Ave S 1:1 / $7,500

38th St E & Chicago Ave S 1:1 / $7,500

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