‘Central Is Coming Together Grant’ Block Engagement Program

The CANDO Central is Coming Together Grant Program encourages residents to start or strengthen multi-block clusters and supports community engagement activities by making small grants available for events and projects that have a community focus and benefit. Blocks, clusters of blocks, or businesses or organizations within the Central neighborhood can apply.

Groups of neighbors may apply for up to $300 and businesses/organizations may apply for up to $750 for neighborhood-wide events.

This program aims to increase:

  • Collaboration and neighborliness

  • Civic participation, volunteerism, and activism

  • Pride of community

  • Opportunities for youth engagement

  • Community-wide learning through inter-cultural and/or inter-generational gatherings

  • Enhanced public safety relationships

  • Improved community health awareness and/or stability

Application Process

CANDO will accept funding requests on a rolling basis through September of each year. To apply, complete the Funding Request and submit to the CANDO office in person or by email to cando@thecentralneighborhood.com. We’re happy to discuss your idea before you apply! Send us an email or call 612-824-1333.

CANDO staff will review applications to make sure they fit the program’s purpose and are complete. The CANDO Board will review proposals and make funding decisions during its monthly meetings. The CANDO Board meets on the second Wednesday of every month, at 6 p.m., at the CANDO Community Space (3715 Chicago Avenue). Staff will let you know when your application is being reviewed by the Board and you are encouraged to attend the meeting.

Grant awards are paid half up front and half upon completion of the final report.


An individual Central resident or business/organization representative must be listed as the main contact for the event or project. Activities may not be for private benefit.

At the end of the project, grantees must submit a short final report with photographs evaluating the success of the activity. CANDO staff may be involved in the evaluation process and will compile a report of all funded activities annually.

Final reports must include receipts or paid invoices detailing how the funds were spent.

CANDO’s funding from the City of Minneapolis cannot be used for food, beverages, or entertainment.