‘Central Is Making Art’ Arts Activities Grant

The CANDO Central is Making Art Grant Program encourages arts organizations, community groups, and individual artists to create innovative arts projects, activities, or events that benefit the Central neighborhood. CANDO is particularly interested in supporting programs that are youth-led, intergenerational, and/or reflective of Central’s history and demographic diversity. Priority is given to arts activities that provide for participation by Central residents and that compensate artists. Applicants may request between $1500 and $4000 for their project/activity/event.

This program aims to enrich Central neighborhood by:

• Highlighting and supporting the creative talent within the community

• Reflecting the neighborhood’s unique history and identity

• Using the arts as a means to bring community together around shared issues and values

• Expose and inspire central residents to develop creative talents

• Create pride of community

• Provide opportunities for youth engagement

Application Process

CANDO will accept funding requests on a rolling basis through September of each year. To apply, complete the Funding Request and submit to the CANDO office in person or by email to cando@thecentralneighborhood.com. We’re happy to discuss your idea before you apply! Send us an email or call 612-824-1333.

CANDO staff will review applications to make sure they fit the program’s purpose and are complete. The CANDO Board will review proposals and make funding decisions during its monthly meetings. The CANDO Board meets on the second Wednesday of every month, at 6:30 p.m., at the CANDO Community Space (3715 Chicago Avenue). Staff will let you know when your application is being reviewed by the Board. A representative of your project must attend the meeting to provide a brief (five minutes) summary and answer any questions.

Grant awards are paid half up front and half upon completion of the final report.


Funded activities must be focused on the Central neighborhood and/or involve Central residents.

At the end of each project, grantees must submit a final report evaluating the success of the activity. The report will include reflection in narrative format, photographs documenting the activity, and feedback from participants or audiences. CANDO staff will assist with the evaluation process and will compile a report of all funded activities annually.

Final reports will include details about how the funds were spent. Organizations are asked to track CANDO’s grant separately from its other operating expenses and individual artists are asked to retain receipts for expenses to aid in preparing the final report. CANDO’s funding from the City of Minneapolis cannot be used for food, beverages, or entertainment.