Economic Development Task Force


Our mission is to engage residents and entrepreneurs around business, employment opportunities and amenity development in the Central neighborhood.

Our strategies:

Identifying and supporting initiatives that will impact economic development in ways that benefit residents, employees, entrepreneurs and small business owners in Central


NEXT MEETING: Planning the Southside Investment Cooperative...Stay tuned!


Business Facade Grants


Purpose: The purpose of this program is to improve and revitalize the physical condition of blighted commercial properties and to strengthen businesses in the Central neighborhood of Minneapolis. The Facade Grant can be used for up to $5,000.00 in matching funds ($1 for $1)

Project Area: Commercial boundaries in the Central neighborhood and it’s immediate boundaries. Lake Street to 38th Street and I35W to Chicago Avenue.

Eligible Uses: Paint, signage, awnings, windows, doors, exterior lighting, landscaping and structural improve- ments to facades of the building visible from the public streets and sidewalks. Any improvement made must stay with the building should the tenant vacate or the building be sold.

Download application here

Contact CANDO Organizer Eduardo Cardenas for more information: