Each year, Plant-Grow-Share hosts a season-long program for new gardeners as well as workshops and classes open to the general public

Community Bonfire

Join us for our monthly community bonfires (May through October).

Little Free Farmers Markets

Volunteers harvest fresh organic produce from our Plant-Grow-Share gardens, then set up at different locations in Central Neighborhood to share food with the community.

PLANT GROW SHARE, a project of CANDO (Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization), has been providing materials and knowledge on urban gardening throughout the neighborhood since 2015. We believe in creating opportunities for residents to grow food, community and personal empowerment. Plant-Grow-Share consists of three main parts: assisting new gardeners, community bonfires, and the little free farmers market.

About Our Program

Over the past four years, Plant-Grow-Share has:

  • Helped 62 families grow food in their backyards

  • Harvested 1,125 pounds of fresh produce

  • Distributed this food to 700 people

  • Donated 4,600 seedlings to schools, community gardens, non-profits, volunteers, and participant gardens

  • Logged 1,500 volunteer hours

  • Provided elevated raised beds when needed for access