Housing Task Force


Central Neighborhood needs secure, safe, affordable housing.

Our purpose is to work for  housing stability of Central residents. Historically focused on providing grants and low interest loans to low income home owners, CANDO is also working to support the needs of renters in Central.

Our strategies: organizing community members around housing quality and affordability issues. Marketing housing grants and loans to community members in need.

Questions? Want to get involved? Come to our next meeting or email housing@thecentralneighborhood.com.

Next Meeting:


Send a message to chloe@thecentralneighborhood to contact our new Housing Organizer, Chloe Jackson.

Renters, property owners and all others are welcome to attend. If you need childcare or translation, please contact us as soon as possible.

Also, if you would like to talk but can’t make these hours, please contact us so we can work something out! We want to hear from you and meet-up!

Topics for discussion:

  • The Landlord Scorecard (see below)

  • CANDO CEE Loan/Grant Apps (see further below!)

  • Renter’s Questions

  • Energy Efficiency & Assistance

  • Homeowners Questions

  • Affordable Housing

  • Housing Development

  • Whatever you want to talk about that focuses on housing In Central!

Proposed Landlord Review Form

Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization (CANDO) has developed a draft document of what our proposed Landlord Review system might look like and the questions it will ask. It focuses on five areas: Maintenance, Flexibility, Privacy, Organization, Communication, Respect / Trustworthiness.

A link to review the draft can be found at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1o5cFxfMsNM8CJTt8OQnNR70YupMR7iaekY3H0-sPZYs
Please provide us feedback in-person during our regular meetings or via email at housing@thecentralneighborhood.com